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Becoming an ESP Protocol Partner

If you are a fire control panel manufacturer why not consider partnering with one of the biggest names in life safety across the globe. This is our guide to becoming an Hochiki ESP Protocol Partner.

No matter what Panel type you’re creating, teaming up with a world leader in devices can cut time to market by over half the time.

With specific needs and each panel partner providing their own unique solution to prolems and markets, Hochiki’s ESP Protocol is proven globally, accepted technically and approved for each region.

Fully adaptable and expandable with a fast and easy integration method Hochiki and ESP is one of the best partners to build your success with.
Hochiki understand the diverse requirements and tasks expected of panel partners including:


  • Operating according to Approvals and Standards
  • Efficient engineering with designed verified boards
  • Technical support along value chain
  • Trusted communication with flexible professionals
  • Using a globally proven leading protocol.


Trusted by Leading Manufacturers


Discover new opportunities as an ESP Protocol technology partner with our diverse partner programs built on custom concepts for each partner.


With you as our protocol technology partner, we can work together to capture new markets and increase the profitability and wanting of your own panel combined with our world leading and already established ESP devices meaning


As a Technology Partner you will enjoy a variety of benefits including:

▸ Productivity increase and cost reduction for quality control

▸ Nearly 30 years of industry leading protocol

▸ Industry expert level professionals

▸ Excellent service

▸ Product and software training

▸ Easy adaption of added value to your individual needs

▸ Ongoing support and testing

▸ EN54 Approved devices

▸ Constant expertise for fast and efficient responses to customer demands

▸ Our own continuous Research and Development means futureproofing comes as standard

Specialist ESP Protocol Ranges


Hochiki’s Marine Approved Analogue Addressable range of products has been designed around the existing world-proven ESP range and all products utilise the Hochiki ESP Protocol.



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Hochiki Europe (UK) Ltd has introduced a range of devices that have been independently tested and certified to meet the requirements of DIN EN 50155, DIN EN 45545-2-11 and DIN EN 50121-3-2 for use on rail applications.



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Hochiki Europe (UK) Ltd has introduced a range of Addressable devices independently evaluated and certified as SIL2 (Safety Integrity Level) capable with respect to their primary function (Detection, Manual Call Point, Audio Visual etc) under IEC61508 Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Safety-related Systems.

Note: SIL2 devices have to be connected to a third-party SIL2 control panel to provide a complete SIL2 certified system.



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Hochiki’s Intrinsically Safe and Explosion Proof range of products have been designed and produced to ensure that all the great benefits of Hochiki’s high quality fire detection technology can be safely operated within industrial and hazardous environments.

Hochiki’s Intrinsically Safe detectors and hazardous area products have been certified by BASEEFA to IECEx and ATEX.



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ESP Protocol Overview

Hochiki’s ESP is an open protocol, but what do we mean by open protocol?

The technical parameters of an open protocol are shared with other manufacturers so that they can make compatible products, and this allows customers a greater degree of flexibility when buying components for their fire systems.

This is one of the main benefits of open protocols. But it also makes repairs and upgrades available from any trained engineer, allowing customers to take full advantage of an open market and choose a fire company who offers the most value for money and expertise.

Closed Protocol system customers can only install components from the same company who have provided the overall system due to compatibility issues.

Customers are forced to use the same company when they require spare parts or repairs and with no competition forcing prices down, these services tend to be expensive. Components of the system could even become discontinued if the manufacturer decides to make that choice.


Upgrades are made when and if the manufacturer chooses to make them, and sometimes even maintenance is locked down to the original manufacturer, negating choice for the customer.

Choosing an open protocol such as Hochiki’s ESP offers more choice and flexibility overall and in some circumstances can save time and money

For example, if an existing system’s fire control panel has come to the end of its lifespan, and requires upgrading, you could simply replace the old panel with any, new, ESP certified panel from one of Hochiki’s many panel partners, whilst keeping the existing Hochiki ESP devices and cabling in situ.

In summary, our ESP open protocol allows freedom of choice for the specifier, the installer and ultimately the end user of the fire detection system.

So, What Exactly is ESP?

Hochiki has developed a range of addressable fire equipment all of which has been designed to operate on our own open protocol called ESP (Enhanced Systems Protocol).

This range takes the same name, “ESP intelligent”

The protocol was originally developed from a BMS (a Building Management System Platform) so that the greatest flexibility in terms of integration was built-in from the start. 


ESP therefore can be considered as a form of language that the control panel uses to speak to the addressable fire equipment and vice versa.

Fully Digital Transmission

ESP offers a fully digital transmission method and has been designed specifically for fire alarm voltages, which tend to be around 24 volts.

It can transmit or receive at any point in time due to the transmissions being over 2 wire screened fire alarm cable.  It takes approximately 7.5 seconds to communicate to all 127 devices on the loop.

A True Protocol Partnership

Hochiki’s ESP Protocol is compatible and used by some of the worlds leading independent control panel manufacturers.


If you are interested in becoming an ESP Protocol Partner please contact your Regional Sales Manager.


Hochiki’s expertise can help you make an informed choice on the options open to you and will work directly with you alongside your own panel development and implementation of a protocol system.


Becoming a Protocol Partner allows you to quickly provide, design, install and maintain a system as unique as your own panel.

The 4 steps to Hochiki’s Protocol Partnership:

Hochiki meet you and understand your needs

Partnership agreement created

Testing is carried out with any needs at any time being met

Your panel is released with ease and flexibility

If you are interested in becoming one of our Protocol Partners, please use the enquiry form below: