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An Overview of Hochiki's Water Leak Detection System.


Welcome to Hochiki’s Water Leak Detection System, LEAKalarm. For technical data and pricing, please visit the Hochiki online store.


The importance of finding a solution

Despite the understandably significant resources spent on mitigating loss through fire, water damage actually poses a much greater threat to business continuity. Statistics show that the most likely cause of insurance claims in hotels, retail premises and commercial buildings is water damage, costing the UK insurance market iro. £800 million.


The financial market is particularly sensitive to these potential losses with Data Centre outages costing such businesses an average of £12,000 per minute, hourly losses on the Stock Exchange of around £4.5 million and Credit Card Clearance around £1.8 million.



The cost to businesses due to water leakage can be significant and it is not just the obvious physical damage to IT networks, electronic equipment, plant, fixtures & fittings, stock and the fabric of the building. Like fire damage, even a seemingly minor water leak can result in temporary relocation, loss of working hours, and loss of profits.


Hochiki have therefore developed LEAKalarm; a fully addressable, highly reliable water leak detection system, providing vast coverage and value for money.


How does LEAKalarm help?


What does LEAKalarm have to offer?


Typical Addressable System Configuration


Suitable Applications

The LEAKalarm system is adaptable to a broad range of environments and applications. From small, to very large areas, the cables and probes can be designed to fit almost any particular environment. LEAKalarm provides reliable, high sensitivity, water and leak detection in bespoke application specific installations. LEAKalarm is particularly useful in the following applications.

  • Communications Sites
  • Utilities infrastructure
  • Data distribution sites / Data centres
  • Warehousing
  • Accommodation
  • Records Storage
  • Insurance
  • Bathrooms / Wet Rooms
  • Power Generation
  • Cultural / Heritage Sites
  • Portable Switch Rooms
  • Museums
  • Marine
  • Hospitals & Healthcare


Addressable Control Panel

Addressable Leak Detection Panel. Ideal for large and complex installations. Allows the user to address each module with location-specific information, as well as featuring fully configurable remote outputs. A single loop control panel can support up to 254 probes, and over 12,700 metres of wire. Dual loop panel also available. RS485 data bus allows up to 32 additional expander cards to be incorporated. Product Code: LAAP-S-1

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