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Beam Detection

The ESP FIREbeam Xtra is the next generation of intelligent beam detectors and takes over from the existing FB‐1. The new product looks exactly the same as the older model, same dimensions and components. But this newer model, with its improved optics, has an increased detection coverage.

The unit is intelligent and is designed for use on a fire system running Hochiki’s world proven, ultra‐reliable open protocol, ESP.

FIREbeam Xtra Beam Detector


FIREbeam Xtra Emitter Reciever Unit


FIREbeam Xtra Low Level Controller


FIREbeam Xtra Low Level Controller



Beam Detection Explained


How does it work?


An advantage of beam detectors is their ability to detect when smoke is scattered over wide areas. This is achieved due to the beam detectors using the obscuration method, which detects fire due to smoke particles obscuring the infra-red light along the sensing path.

When sufficient smoke blocks the infra-red light beam, reducing the received signal strength by a pre-determined setting, a fire condition is generated. Such detection sensitivity enables the beam to identify a fire before it spreads. Unwanted alarms due to the beam being totally obscured for a short period of time can be filtered out by well-designed products (Hochiki’s beam detectors, for example, use time based algorithms to distinguish between unwanted obscuration and genuine fire conditions).


Reflective Beam Smoke Detectors are increasingly becoming the specifier’s choice. Reflective Beam Detectors work by combining the transmitter and receiver into one unit and returning the beam via a reflector at the opposite end of the protected space, this allows cabling to a single point and therefore installation time (and cost) is significantly reduced.


FIREbeam Xtra

The ESP FIREbeam Xtra is the next generation of intelligent beam detectors with improved optics and an increased detection coverage.

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Demand & Applications

Beam Detection

A number of buildings types have large open spaces including Warehouses, Leisure Centres, Shopping Centres, Cinemas, Museums, Hotels and Cathedrals. Beam Detection is ideal for these buildings as it has the ability to efficiently cover large areas.


The leisure industry is a rapidly growing industry with new buildings being built and old buildings being refurbished all of the time. Due to this growth, there is now an increased demand for fire detection solutions for open spaces.


Leisure centres often have large open spaces, such as sports halls, gyms, galleries, swimming pools and cafés. With so many open spaces, if a fire was to start, it could quickly spread through the building which is why early detection is crucial.


Main Benefits of the FIREbeam Xtra Range


Reflective Beam Smoke Detector & Controller

The espFIREbeam Xtra is a Reflective Beam Smoke Detector fully approved to EN 54-12:2015 which can offer a maximum detection range of 160 m.

The unit’s newly designed optics increase sensitivity whilst the enhanced internal software reduces false alarms.

The detector comes with a separate controller unit which allows engineers to commission, monitor and maintain from ground level. Detection range is 70 m for the standard unit, increasing to 140 m or 160 m with the addition of the medium or long-range reflector kits.

The detector also features advanced motorised technology allowing it to self-align to the centre of the reflector during commissioning.

Once commissioned the detector continually monitors alignment and will automatically realign itself back to the centre of the reflector if any building movement occurs.

The FIREBEAM xtra features an integral loop module allowing full connectivity to the Hochiki ESP analogue addressable loop.

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