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FIREscape Plus

FIREscape+ is a combined fire detection and emergency lighting system with the added benefit of wayfinding technology.

How it Works


FIREscape+ is a combined fire detection and emergency lighting system with the added benefit of wayfinding technology. Exclusively available through our Systems Partners Network.

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A Revolutionary System

European legislation calls for all commercial premises to install approved fire detection and alarm systems. Many countries, including the UK, also strongly advise building owners to install self-testing emergency lighting systems (as recommended by BS 5266:1 2016). FIREscape+ is the only truly combined fire detection and emergency lighting solution that satisfies both requirements.


At the heart of the FIREscape+ system, is an addressable panel that controls both the fire detection and emergency lighting units. Using 40 volt fire resistant screened cable, up to 127 dynamic exit signs, luminaires, fire detection devices, and input/ output units, can be wired onto the same loop. Each device is given an address and the dynamic exit signs are programmed through cause and effect. In the event of a fire, the system will automatically determine the state of the dynamic exit signs based on the location of the fire. Emergency exit signs will illuminate with a red cross if an escape route is blocked by fire; meanwhile in unaffected areas, exit signs will illuminate with the internationally recognised BS EN ISO 7010 green graphic, to safely guide building occupants to the closest available emergency exit.


This revolutionary system has been designed to ensure that building occupants are given the best possible opportunity to escape; even if they are unfamiliar with the building layout.


Main Features of the Range


Main Benefits of the Range


Approvals & Certification

  • EL units certified to BS EN 60598-2-22
  • EL units approved under BS KM 653255
  • EL units approved to EN54 part 18
  • Exit signs are BS EN ISO 7010 compliant
  • System fully conforms to all requirements of BS5266
  • Fire Detection devices are approved by LPCB and VdS, to EN54

Systems Partners

Available exclusively through our Systems Partners Network

The Hochiki Systems Partners are a nationwide network of trained, professional and accredited fire alarm companies, recognised in the UK for their high levels of expertise, workmanship, customer service and quality. Working in close harmony with these Systems Partners, Hochiki promotes world-leading life safety lighting technology. In the UK, Systems Partners have exclusive access to FIREscape+ and Hochiki’s HFP range.


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