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ESP (Intelligent)

An Overview of Hochiki's Analogue Addressable Fire Detection Range

Addressable Sensors


Hochiki’s world-leading ESP Addressable range of Sensors delivers everything you’d expect, and quite a bit more.


There are four models in the main sensor range offering optical smoke detection, heat detection, multi-criteria detection (smoke and heat) and multi-criteria with CO detection.


All models require just one, electronics-free mounting base, making ordering, stock-holding and installation simple and efficient. The sensors are electronically addressed in seconds using a hand-held programmer via Hochiki’s ultra-reliable ESP protocol, so no fiddly mechanical addressing on site.


Subtle case markings identify which model is installed at a glance and all models come in a choice of white, ivory or black casings to perfectly blend in with any project.


The ESP open protocol is supported by all leading fire panel manufacturers for complete flexibility for the installer when it comes to panel choice and comes with features such as extended addressing, sub-addressing, adjustable sensor sensitivity and drift compensation.


  • Electronics-free base
  • Available with or without integral SCI
  • Choice of white, ivory or black cases
  • Simple twist-fit fixing, with tamper-proof lock
  • Bi-coloured LED - red for alarm, green for polling
  • Fully approved to EN54

ESP Sensors

CHQ Input-Output Modules

CHQ I/O Modules


Hochiki’s world-leading CHQ Addressable range of Input/Output Modules delivers everything you’d expect, and quite a bit more. There are nine models in the main Hochiki “Smart-Fix” boxed module range, each providing the system designer with a different function and application.


The majority are loop-powered, and between the various models can provide: monitored inputs, change-over relays, fully monitored sounder circuits, conventional zones, mA monitoring inputs, monitored I.S. sounder circuits or mains-rated relays.


With control panel compatibility, individual module channels can even be independently addressed and controlled and monitored, adding a further level of flexibility.


• Loop Powered
• Single Loop Address – with sub-addressable channels
• Also available as DIN enclosures
• Integral SCI
• Easy to install
• LPCB Approved
• ESP Protocol compatible


Watch our "How To" Module videos which explain the application and operation of each of our CHQ Modules:


video play

Audio and Visual Alarm Devices


Our extensive range of addressable alarm devices includes beacons, wall sounders, base sounders, combination sounder/beacons and a sub-range of EN54-23 approved VADs (Visual Alarm Devices).


Our sounders are all loop-powered and equipped with 51 EN54-approved tones with a wide range of sound levels and light outputs for any application.


Thanks to our innovative ESP Protocol, base sounders and base sounder beacons will automatically adopt an address based on the attached sensor address (the sensor address plus 127) saving time at install.


Depending on control panel compatibility, it's possible to operate and control the sound and light outputs of the base sounder beacons independently, adding extra flexibility when it comes to system design and performance. 


• Loop Powered
• Separate control over sounmd and light
• Al devices approved to EN54
• Wide range including EN54-23 approved VADs
• Base Sounders available with integrated SCIs
• ESP Protocol compatible


Watch our Eexplainer video on EN54-23 approved VADs:


vads video play

ESP Audio-Visual Alarms

Projects featuring our ESP Range

The Titanic Hotel, Belfast,UK

Bomber Command Centre, Lincolnshire, UK

Other ESP Case Studies



Dubai Metro case study

Wind Farm case study

Royal Free case study

Paston College case study

ESP Range Resources

ESP Overview

Product Guide

BS 5839 Guide

ESP intelligent

Hochiki's comprehensive ESP intelligent (Analogue Addressable range) is suitable for even the most demanding environments and incorporates high performance sensors, a wide selection of input and output modules and ancillaries. All products use Hochiki's high integrity digital communications link ‘ESP' (Enhanced Systems Protocol) that's at the heart of the ESP range.

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Main Benefits of the ESP Range


Main Features of the ESP Range


Ideal for many environments

The ESP range is adaptable to a broad range of environments and applications. From small to very large areas, the range can be utilised to fit almost any particular environment. Below are some examples of where the ESPintelligent range is particularly effective:

  • Schools & Universities
  • Multiple Occupancy Accommodation
  • Hospitals
  • Care Homes
  • Office Buildings
  • Airports
  • Rail / Tube Stations
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Hotels
  • Retail Units
  • Super Markets

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