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An Overview of Hochiki's Marine Approved Ranges

Hochiki Marine Group

Designed for Life at Sea


Hochiki's marine approved Intelligent and Conventional products have been specially designed for the harsh environments found at sea, tested to cope with vibration, sea water exposure and dusty atmospheres.


Both ranges are based around the existing world-proven ESP and CDX ranges and have been approved for marine use by both Germanischer Lloyd and LPCB, to the MED approval scheme.


Ideal for use on ships, oil and gas platforms, wind farms and other similar applications the Hochiki Europe Marine Approved Range incorporates the same world proven reliability and quality as its land-based equivalents.




Marine vessel at sea

Marine approval badges

What is the MED Marine Approval?


The M.E.D. 96/98/EC Directive is an initiative of the European Commission (EC) in the European Union (EU) set up with the intention to reduce costs for the end user by having a simplified classification model for marine approvals.


All approved and authorised products, including Hochiki's, are stored in the MarED database, which to date contains more than 35,000 datasets about products approved under the EU Marine Equipment Directive.


Products are strictly tested by a third party, such as Germanischer Lloyd or LPCB, for use in the marine environment before being granted an approval certificate.


Hochiki’s comprehensive ESP marine-approved Analogue Addressable range is suitable for even the most demanding applications and incorporates high performance sensors, a selection of input and output modules and ancillaries. All products use Hochiki’s high integrity communications link ‘ESP’ (Enhanced Systems Protocol) that’s at the heart of the ESP range.


ESP group of marine-approved devices


  • Driven with the world proven, virtually error free ESP Protocol
  • Exceeds the performance requirements of EN54
  • Rapid response communication - ensures fastest panel notification and greater life safety
  • Approved to MED by GL
  • Approved by LPCB
  • Designed and manufactured to ISO9001




Hochiki’s CDX marine-approved Conventional range offers solutions for most conventional marine fire detection applications and incorporates a range of smoke, heat and flame detectors and ancillaries.


CDX Marine Range


  • Extensive range providing flexible solutions
  • Rapid, reliable installation
  • Approved to MED by GL
  • Designed and manufactured to ISO9001

Marine Case Studies

Wind Farm case study

Castor Marine Case Study

Perenco Hochiki Marine Project


ships application

Submarine Application

Oil Rig Applications

Wind Farms Application

Intelligent Products

ESP Marine Approved Range in detail

Conventional Products

CDX Marine Approved Range in detail

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