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Hochiki's Core Values

Our mission at Hochiki Europe is to protect people with high quality life safety products, and this is exactly what we do. We are committed to protecting lives and property by producing sophisticated and reliable devices, making the world a safer place to live.

Hochiki Europe are the European subsidiary of Hochiki Corporation, which was founded in 1918 as Japan’s first fire alarm system company. Hochiki’s success is not restricted to Japan - in countries all over the world we have achieved customer satisfaction and earned an excellent reputation for our reliability and innovation.


We are proud of our culture of being an inclusive and motivating place to work, where individuals are encouraged to take ownership for their workload and achievements. Our team members are our greatest asset, and we work hard to support them throughout their career journey with us.


Our high retention rates and large numbers of long serving team members demonstrate that we are an employer who cares about our people.




Our Values


Underpinning our internal culture here at Hochiki are our core values, each reinforced daily by the positive actions of our employees.




Being constructive in our actions, practising a solutions driven approach, being open in considering future growth and potential.

Being a brand ambassador to all customers and peers


Having a can-do attitude and offering support to colleagues


Prompt and clear communication


Cooperation and team work


Seeking feedback and taking action


Being a role model




Working together as a team, being friendly, and building relationships, treating everyone equally and consistently.

Able to articulate Hochiki’s purpose and aims 


Differences are appreciated


Listen to understand and ask questions appropriately


Adapt in order to develop effective relationships


Share expertise and knowledge 


Understand the goals and priorities of the teams we work with


Use skills, knowledge and experience to add value




Acting with fairness, honesty and integrity.

Showing respect and forming good relations


Providing honest feedback and admitting to mistakes


Acting with integrity, even when it may increase workload


Promoting Hochiki’s ethical practices internally and externally


Treating everybody equally and in a consistent manner


Doing the right thing and committing to a high quality of work




Being empowered to take ownership, being transparent and keeping to the promises we make.

Manage workload to meet expectations


Challenge priorities appropriately


Act promptly to resolve issues or concerns


Accept responsibility and take immediate steps to rectify mistakes


Recognise the impact of decisions on others


Contribute outside immediate area of responsibility




Looking for new and exciting ideas, focusing on the future, aspiring for greatness.

Dedication to a task or job to achieve a high quality result


Continuously seeking improvements or advice


Having the confidence to challenge or ask questions


Team or project working, removing unnecessary barriers


Adding value through suggestions of process improvements


Utilising all resources available to reach the best outcome




Practising a skilled and qualified approach, benefitting from our long established history and experience.

Showing reliability in attendance and punctuality


Meeting deadlines


Professional appearance and conduct in the workplace


Listening to others’ opinions and working towards solutions


Continuous learning and self improvement


Being competent and confident in individual ability