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Railway Approved

An Overview of Hochiki's Railway-Approved Range of Fire Detection products

Hochiki's Railway-Approved Products

Designed for Rolling Stock and Rail Infrastructure


Hochiki's Railway approved fire detection technology is purpose-built to meet the stringent safety standards and harsh operating conditions of the rail industry.


A selection of our detectors, controllers, and alarm devices have been tested and certified for railway use.


From subway tunnels to diesel locomotives, you can trust Hochiki's railway-approved range to rapidly detect real fire dangers while avoiding false alarms, helping maximise passenger safety while minimising costly downtimes and delays across all aspects of rail transportation infrastructure.

Train and ESP Railway-Approved Sensor

Railway Approvals

Hochiki's Railway approved fire detection products undergo rigorous testing to meet the stringent EN 50155 standard for electronic equipment used on rolling stock. This comprehensive European specification evaluates electrical systems across a wide range of harsh environmental factors faced in rail applications.


Our detectors, I/O modules, and associated alarm devices certified compliant after ensuring reliable operation through repeated temperature cycling, humidity spiking, shock and vibration testing, electromagnetic interference, insulation checks, and more.


By securing EN 50155 approval, Hochiki provides assurance that its railway-approved ranges can withstand the punishing conditions found in trains, subways, trackside infrastructure and many other rail environments. Individual products have also been approved to:



  • EN45545-2 Fire hazard level: HL1, HL2, HL3
  • EN45545-2 Evaluation requirement: R22, R23, R25




You can depend on this proven resistance to the industry's most extreme stresses for consistently reliable fire detection without false alarms across your rail network.


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Intelligent Products

ESP Railway-Approved Range in detail

Conventional Products

CDX Railway-Approved Range in detail

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