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Addressable Multi Sensor with CO Detection



Our  most sophisticated multi-sensor


Introducing Hochiki’s brand new addressable loop-powered multi-sensor, with smoke, heat and CO sensing elements.  This device is unrivalled by its competitors, with 24 modes of operation, a 10 year CO cell life, and the ability to detect COHb.


To help installers select the best mode for the environment Hochiki has created an interactive mode selector tool (see below).






A  Variety of Applications


This revolutionary product offers a staggering 24 EN approved modes of operation*, including combinations of smoke detection, fixed temperature heat detection, rate of rise heat detection,CO detection and COHb detection; making it ideal for a variety of applications.


Traditionally, CO detection is integrated into a multi-sensor to assist with the rapid detection of smouldering fires; however, the ACD-EN also features a highly sophisticated algorithm for COHb detection.




False Alarm Reduction


The ACD-EN multi-sensor not only features a unique combination of technologies to help protect against false alarms, but it also includes a software enhancement called +RFA. In modes that feature the +RFA software enhancement, the product automatically begins to adjust its sensitivity based on its surroundings from the moment it is installed.


Through this constant monitoring of the environment the sensor actively minimises the potential for false alarms. The installer also has the ability to select a day mode and a night mode; further increasing reliability.





Behind the Technology


The ACD-EN is installed with a default time delay. If the environment is clean with no smoke detected for a period of time, this time delay is reduced. If the environment continues to be clean, the time delay is reduced again.


However, if transient smoke is detected, the time delay is increased. Any changes in CO and/or temperature will also automatically adjust the sensitivity levels up. We call this ground-breaking algorithm ‘Suitable Moving Average Time’ (SMART).


Conclusive Evidence


The Building Research Establishment (BRE), recently released a report in conjunction with the Fire Industry Association (FIA), that acknowledges that multi-sensor detectors are the most effective at false alarm rejection. The study tested 35 different multi-sensors, each one categorised as ‘standard’, ‘intermediate’ or ‘advanced’ performance. The study concludes that multi-sensors that are categorised as ‘advanced’ far outstripped other multi-sensors in false alarm testing.


Click here to read the recent FIA article.


*Note: Control Panel compatibility required.



Global Markets


Hochiki also offer a UL approved variant, the ACD-V. This version has 16 fully approved operational modes and is fully compatible with today’s enhanced FireNET Plus Control Panels and Loop Explorer II Software.


Download Specification

Mode Selection Tool


With 24 modes of operation* and the ability to detect smoke, heat, CO and COHb, the ACD-EN is unrivalled by its competitors. 
This mode selector tool has been designed to assist in the selection of the best day and night modes for the specific installation environment*.


Using your mouse (or touch screen) you can click on the outer circle of the below image to drag the mode selector tool to the chosen environment.
It is important to remember however, that this tool should be used as a guide only and it remains the responsibility of the installer to
correctly risk assess the environment and install the correct fire detection technology.




Modes Key


+S/H/CO +RFA (Default Mode)












+FT +RoR (A1)


+FT +RoR (A1R)


+FT (A1S)


+FT +RoR (C)


+FT +RoR (CR)


+FT (CS)


+S +H +RoR +CO +COHb




+S +COHb + RFA


+FT +RoR (A1) +COHb


+FT +RoR (A1R) +COHb


+FT (A1S) +COHb


+FT +RoR (C) +COHb


+FT +RoR (CR) +COHb


+FT (CS) +COHb


+S/+H/+CO +S +FT +RoR +CO/H +COHb +RFA






S: Smoke | H: Heat | RoR: Rate of Rise | FT: Fixed Temperature | CO: Carbon Monoxide | COHb: Carboxyhaemoglobin | RAF: Reduced False Alarm

*This tool should be used as a guide only. It remains the responsibility of the installer to correctly risk assess the environment and install the correct fire detection equipment

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