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Hochiki Europe India Branch Office

An overview of our operations within the Indian Sub-Continent.

Hochiki's India Operations

With a long standing presence that stretches back over 35 years, Hochiki Europe is exceptionally familiar with the Indian market. India is one of the world's fastest growing economies, and as such, the government are tightening the regulations surrounding fire safety provisions in order to become more in-line with other global powerhouses.


Therefore, in 2012, Hochiki Europe took the decision to set up a temporary liaison office in New Delhi. In 2015, Hochiki Europe once again decided to expand operations due to increased demand. Our new India Branch Office opened in December 2015 and provides a central location for sales and training.


Hochiki Europe has created a series of comprehensive solutions, advice and education packages for both installers and specifiers of fire technologies – tailored to suit the demands of the Indian market.


Our fire detection products meet both local and global compliance regulations including; EN54 (LPCB, VdS), UL/FM and SIL.




Meet the India Team

Head of Sales

Siddharth Kumar 


Office: +91 (0)124 477930

Mob: +91 92051 35003

Email: [email protected]

Sales Manager (East)

Shyam Sharma


Office: +91 (0)124 4777933

Mobile: +91 9205135005

Email: [email protected]

Admin Manager

Vineet Jain


Office: +91 (0)124 4777943

Mobile: +91 92051 35010

Email: [email protected]

Senior Sales Manager (West)

Sujeet Kumar Singh


Office: +91 (0)124 4777934

Mobile: +91 92051 35002

Email: [email protected]

Sales Manager (North)

Bagish Mishra


Office: +91 (0)124 4777930

Mob: +91 92051 35009

Email: [email protected]

Design Support

Amandeep Singh


Office: +91 (0)124  4777935

Mob: +91 92051 35008

Email: [email protected]

Technical Support

Pardeep Kumar


Office: +91 (0)124 4777940

Mobile: +91 92051 35006

Email: [email protected]


Product Offerings

FIREscape is an intelligent, fully monitored LED emergency lighting system. Firescape is not only highly reliable, but is also easy to install and maintain.


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EN Approved

Our EN approved range offers two types of fire detection system, the ESP intelligent analogue addressable fire alarm system and the CDX conventional system, as well as a range of ancillary and test equipment.


Products are stictly tested by a third party, such as LPCB, Vds and DNV GL before being granted an approval certificate.








UL Approved

At the backbone of the FireNET analogue addressable system is the FireNET control panel itself. Utilising Hochiki's patented Digital Communication Protocol (DCP), it allows for robust intelligent communication with other Analogue addressable products. 


Products are stictly tested by a third party, such as UL & FM before being granted an approval certificate.

Case Studies

Below you can see some examples of projects that Hochiki have completed in the past.

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