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Hochiki Africa

An overview of our operations within the African region.




Hochiki's Africa Operations


Despite its challenges, the African continent is home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world. Until recently, South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya have been at the forefront of African development, but now countries such as Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique and Ethiopia are also set to substantially increase GDP. Reports suggest that the increase will be fuelled by domestic demand, investment in infrastructure and lower oil prices.


As investment in infrastructure continues to increase, so too does investment in commercial buildings, factories, hospitals and hotels. But many African countries do not have their own building regulations or standards and so they continually look towards Europe and America for best practice. It is a similar story for life safety; African markets are now beginning to demand EN, UL and FM approved fire products to ensure lives and property are properly protected.


Since 1918, it has been Hochiki’s mission is to make the world a safer place. Our fire detection products have been installed in over 80 countries worldwide and are accepted as the benchmark for high quality and reliability. We understand the African market and have been working with a number of local installers for over 20 years to provide the very best solutions. Read the case studies below to learn more about Hochiki installations in Africa.











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 Derek Waddell


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Case Studies

Below you can see some examples of projects that Hochiki have completed in the past.

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