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Metron Energy

Hochiki Europe protects hazardous environment for global leader in petroleum storage and distribution

Metron energy applications was founded in Greece in 1997 to offer integrated fabrication and construction solutions in the Oil and Gas Industry. Ever since, the Company has grown rapidly to national and international prominence, expanding its activities to other fields, such as power, aviation, water, marine and food industries, and is involved in projects in more than 45 countries worldwide.

Formula Techniki S.A. were commissioned to install a new fire detection system at the new petroleum products storage and distribution terminal in Tema, Ghana as a sub-contractor of Metron Energy Applications. Having worked with Hochiki Europe on previous projects, and as an expert in the manufacturing of fire detection for hazardous areas, the global leader was the natural choice for this project.


As this was a hazardous environment, Hochiki’s SIL-2 detection range of smoke sensors, sounders, modules and call points were chosen. This specialist fire detection range not only meets but exceeds the stringent safety standards required, making it a game-changer in the realm of fire safety.

SIL is an acronym for Safety Integrity Level, and is a system used to quantify and qualify the requirements for Safety Instrumented Systems. The International Electro-Technical Commission (IEC) introduced the industry standards to assist operators with quantifying the safety performance requirements for hazardous operations.


These standards have been widely adopted in the hydrocarbon, oil, and gas industries as a means of improving safety and availability of Safety Instrumented Systems.

Angelos Angelikas, Formula Techniki’s project manager on the project said


“The main challenge for us was that we are based in Greece, and this project was taking place in Ghana, almost 7,000km away. We were chosen due to our expertise in working in challenging hazardous environments such as this. We had a strict time schedule to stick to, so communication between us, our client, and the team at Hochiki was vital.


The Hochiki technical team were a great help when it came to the technical installation, particularly as the fire detection system of the building we were working in needed to connect with the main fire detection of the whole complex.


We would absolutely recommend Hochiki and their range of SIL products for customers operating in these industries.”



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