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A Complete Life Safety Solution.

The FIREscape+® system is the first of its type and integrates Hochiki’s highly successful FIREscape emergency lighting system with its acclaimed ESP fire detection system.

By integrating both of these systems onto the same panel and onto the same loop wiring, not only does the emergency lighting become operational in the event of a fire – without the need for a mains supply failure to have occurred - but based on the location of the fire, people are directed away from unsafe exit routes using Hochiki’s intelligent signage.

This is achieved by the use of our dual function exit signs. Under normal circumstances the exit sign is illuminated and carries the internationally recognised symbols of a running man, door and direction arrow.  However, in the event of a fire
affecting a specific escape route, the appropriate signage is switched off and replaced by an illuminated RED “
X” symbol.


One control panel for both systems



Unlike other systems, where each luminaire requires a 230 V supply, the entire FIREscape+® system operates at extra low voltage. Utilising only Extra Low voltage devices, means that the luminaires are fitted to the same style of plug-in base as the fire detectors, which allows installation and maintenance to be carried out by engineers other than qualified electricians, thereby producing a very cost effective solution.


A Unique Concept

FIREscape+® is an intelligent system. All of the devices – fire sensors, sounders and beacons,        emergency luminaires and exit signs - are individually addressed and fully monitored by the system control panel. By automatically monitoring all of the key elements of each device the need for regular inspection is significantly reduced*.

The failure of any device is immediately registered on the main control panel with
both audible and visual warnings.  

FIREscape + - a unique concept in life safety systems - combined fire detection and emergency lighting
  *Note: Local or national standards may still require a regular testing and inspection scheme.

Energy Efficiency and Green Values

FIREscape+® incorporates LED technology and Lithium Polymer batteries into all emergency luminaires and signs. When compared with traditional fluorescent light technology, energy and CO2e emission savings in excess of 95% are achievable.

All of the major components are fully recyclable at their end of life, and unlike the traditional fluorescent based luminaires containing Nickel Cadmium batteries, FIREscape+® does not contain any heavy metals that require specialist recycling.


Reduced running costs

FIREscape® exit sign luminaire consumes less than 0.5W, including the power loss. A similar 8W fluorescent light exit sign luminaire will consume approximately 12W. When compared to 230V LED lights, FIREscape® products save more than 50% of energy.

Try our exit sign energy costs calculator to see how much you could save by switchin gto FIREscape      Use our simple exit sign energy costs calculator to compare traditional, mains-powered lighting with FIREscape and see how much you could save by switching:



Helps to lower carbon emissions

The lower energy consumption directly correlates with lower CO2e emissions. For example, replacing 100 230V fluorescent exit luminaires with FIREscape+® LED-based exit lights, CO2e emissions would be reduced by 2,100 KG annually.




Reduced Cost of Ownership



Lower installation cost

By integrating fire detection and emergency lighting onto the same cable, a 40% reduction in installation costs is achievable when compared to the installation of two independent systems.


Lower maintenance cost

Routine maintenance can be conducted by an engineer on the entire combined system at the same time. This reduces the number of engineer visits required and the disruption to normal business activities since each area needs to be visited only once.


Less equipment to service

One common central control panel and a series of common field equipment significantly reduces the range of products required to service the system. This both reduces costs and minimises the downtime potential should a failure occur.


Longer Operating Life

LED's have a typical operational life expectanc of ten yeras, compared with nine months for an 8W fluorescent lamp (in maintained mode).




False Alarm Management



False activation of a fire alarm system is both disruptive and expensive. Hochiki's intelligent products and ESP digital communications protocol employ advanced techniques to minimise the potential for false or unwanted alarms.


Drift Compensation

A smoke sensor's performance will vary over time due to gradual contamination by the environment, leading to over-sensitivity and unwanted alarms, or to over-contamination and failure to respond to smoke. To prevent degradation, the Hochiki ESP intelligent system automatically recalibrates all sensors once ever 24 hours to ensure optimum performance is maintained.


Alarm Verification

Using a time delay integration algorithm, the existence of smoke or heat over the programmed period is confimed, eliminating unwated activations from transients. Individual sensors can be programmed according to specific conditions which is ideal for applications such as hotel rooms and kitchens.


Variable Sensitivity

Smoke and heat sensors are installed in a wide variety of environments, from clean rooms and computer suites to public areas.

The sensitivity of ecah ESP sensor can be individually adjusted to match the expecte drisk, either permanently or under a timed day and night operation.




Learn More

We have a FIREscape+ Overview brochure, portions of which make up the contents of this web page. Feel free to download this for free, using the icons below -


For almost 100 years Hochiki has led the way in the design and manufacture of innovative life safety solutions. Its leading edge commercial and industrial fire detection and emergency lighting products have acquired global acceptance as the benchmark for high-integrity and long-term reliability.

With a global sales turnover exceeding £400m Hochiki is a wholly independent, multinational, publicly listed company with over 1,500 employees working across five manufacturing plants, 32 sales offices and 18 subsidiaries.

Its ongoing commitment to manufacturing innovation ensures customer satisfaction and its production facilities in Japan, the USA and Europe offer international continuity in quality, service and supply.

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