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Hochiki Europe achieve BOSEC approval, the quality benchmark for fire protection in Belgium

Global leaders in life safety manufacturing and design have achieved BOSEC approval for their ESP and Latitude products. BOSEC is the quality benchmark for fire protection in Belgium and is one of Europe’s highest quality marks requiring brands to undergo stringent and lengthy approval process to carry the accreditation. It covers products for passive prevention and active prevention, as well as organisations who work within the fire industry, such as installers and system designers.

Hochiki’s Enhanced System Protocol Range (ESP) and Latitude system are already EN54 pt13 certified, however with this additional certification in place it provides greater choice of fire detection products and systems to choose from for customers based in the Belgium region as well as bordering countries Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Germany.

The Hochiki ESP range is one of the most robust platforms on the market, offering a wide selection of features and benefits for some of the most complex scenarios and are Marine approved, SIL Capable and have built in short-circuit isolators. The EN 54 approved range includes a suite of sensors, including a multi-sensor with CO detection, particularly useful for customers who are looking to reduce false alarms, several I/O units for interfacing to other equipment and a selection of audio/visual alarm devices.

Hochiki’s networkable Latitude fire control panel, which the ESP range is compatible with, is also BOSEC approved and combines the very latest hardware and software to produce an approved control and indication system. The flexibility of the Latitude platform is such that it can be re-configured to realise many other control and indication applications, with direct integration into intelligent buildings.

Previously, Hochiki products achieved BOSEC approval through a regional third-party but with this brand new certification, Hochiki Europe can now offer its own complete fire detection system as BOSEC approved. Installers within Belgium can rest assured that they can now specify Hochiki in new projects as well as update any existing fire detection systems and know that Hochiki is now one of the best within their market.

Max De Vries, regional manager commented on the BOSEC accreditation


“We are very proud to have receive this certification. It recognises the quality and thorough processes we go through to ensure our fire detection devices and systems are of the highest standard. We only work with BOSEC approved installers, so customers in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany can rest assured that their building is ‘end-to-end safe’”.