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Call Challenge is here - are you ready?

A new approach for The Scottish Fire & Rescue Service's response to Automatic Fire Alarm Signals from commercial premises began on July 1st 2023.

Commercial property owners in Scotland whose premises are protected from fire by Automatic Fire Alarms Systems (AFAS) need to be aware of the change in response to signals from these types of systems and the immediate implications that will arise.


From 1st July in Scotland, the "call challenge" will be invoked when a signal from an AFAS is received either directly at the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service (SFRS) or at a participating Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).  The process involves the SFRS asking the caller a series of questions to determine the nature and severity of the incident. The aim is to ensure that the incident is a genuine emergency and requires an immediate response from the fire and rescue service.


By doing so, fire and rescue services can reduce the number of false alarms they respond to and focus their resources on real incidents that require urgent attention.


Building owners in Scotland should contact their appointed fire system maintainance supplier and seek advice on their current system and how "call challenge" may affect their business.


For more information on "Call Challenge" and its implications for you and your business, please visit our advice page here: