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Understanding the Capabilities of a Module

Modules, also known as interfaces, are powerful devices designed to connect fire detection systems with other fire safety devices and/ or third-party equipment. For example, if there is a fire in a factory, you may wish to release magnetic locks on fire doors, send signals to access controls and automatically shut down plant machinery; all of which can be done through the capabilities of a module. The problem is, with so many modules available, how do you know which one you need?

Each manufacturer offers slightly different interfaces, therefore unlike most of our blogs, this one is very specific to Hochiki products. It has been written as a basic guide to help you understand when and where you might use each of our modules, however full technical information and accessories can be found on our website.


Powered Output Module

Hochiki’s CHQ-POM is designed to supply 24 VDC at various, user-selectable current levels, from 2 to 32 mA (in increments of 2mA). This means that, by using a CHQ-POM, you can not only interface with conventional equipment, you can also power it. Typically, a CHQ-POM might be used to interface equipment such as Hochiki’s IFD-E flame detector or even the LDM-519-LP Linear heat Controller.


Single Input Module

Hochiki’s CHQ-SIM has been designed to allow a single monitored input to be connected to the ESP loop. For example, it is a cost-effective way of interfacing and monitoring a conventional fire alarm panel.


Single Output Module

Hochiki’s CHQ-SOM allows a single relay output to be connected to the ESP loop. The unit incorporates a volt-free relay contact that can be configured as normally open or normally closed, therefore allowing you to programme outputs such as; breaking the DC supply to Maglocks, or sending a signal to a lift controller.


Dual Input Module

The CHQ-DIM2(SCI) is similar to the single input module, but with 2 independent inputs for connecting volt free contacts. The CHQ-DIM2 is therefore a cost-effective solution if you want to receive inputs from two pieces of third-party equipment, for example receiving input from a sprinkler flow switch and a door contact in the same area.


Dual Relay Module

You may have already guessed, but the CHQ-DRC2(SCI) is similar to the single output module, but with two general purpose outputs that can be controlled separately. As the product name suggests, it also has an integrated short circuit isolator. The CHQ-DRC2(SCI) is therefore ideal for interfacing the fire system with two pieces of third-party equipment, for example, breaking the DC supply to both a door magnet and an access control.


4 Inputs and 4 Outputs

The CHQ-PCM(SCI) is that little bit more flexible, allowing you to sub address up to 4 inputs and 4 outputs. The 4 inputs are provided for local fire and fault monitoring and these are fully monitored for open and short circuit, which if required, can be enabled or disabled in pairs using a two-way DIL switch. Again, the outputs can be used to interface with any third-party equipment, including dampers, air-conditioning units, roller shutters or plant equipment etc.


Single Zone Monitor

Hochiki’s CHQ-SZM2(SCI) is a single zone monitor; allowing you to interface up to 6 conventional devices with an addressable system. As the name suggests, it treats the 6 conventional devices as a single zone. This is ideal for shopping centres which require an addressable system throughout the main centre, but need to interface with conventional devices in each store. Each store would be seen as a separate zone, allowing the centre to identify which store had the fire or fault.


Dual Zone Monitor

The CHQ-DZM(SCI) is a more powerful version of the CHQ-SZM2(SCI); it has two zones and each can accommodate up to 30 devices (60 in total)! As you may expect, a unit as powerful as this does require an external PSU, however it is really useful if you have an existing conventional system, and you require more intelligent monitoring, but you don’t quite have the budget to upgrade it to a full addressable system.


Mains Relay Controller

The CHQ-MRC2(SCI) has a single relay contact rated at 250Vdc at 5A or 48 Vdc at 2A (resistive load only in both instances), which gives you the flexibility to interface directly with mains powered equipment. For example, to shut down plant equipment or to break the supply to a gas solenoid.


Dual Sounder Controller

Hochiki’s CHQ-DSC2(SCI) is designed specifically to provide two conventional sounder outputs rated at 1A; each can be controlled separately and has full fault monitoring. Please note, the CHQ-DSC2(SCI) does require an 24v power supply.


Intrinsically Safe Compatible Sounder Module

When installing intrinsically safe sounders in a hazardous areas, the CHQ-ISM must sit between the CHQ-DSC2(SCI) and the barrier. The modules are designed to interface with the addressable ESP system, whilst the barrier is designed to reduce the current. Remember, both the barrier and the modules must sit in the safe area, not the hazardous area.


That was our simple guide to Hochiki modules! Please note, some of these features may be subject to control panel compatibility.