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The Secret to Cutting Building Maintenance Costs – The Right Way!

Whilst some argue that it is impossible to reduce costs without cutting corners, forward-thinking building maintenance teams have managed to employ some practical changes, which have not only reduced costs, but have also reduced carbon emissions, increased operational efficiency and helped them to remain fully compliant with legislation.

The changes that building managers can implement range from simple ideas, such as installing toilet hippos, to more progressive changes, such as installing a Building Management System (BMS).


Whilst a BMS can be installed as a standalone application, as we move into the era of SMART buildings, more often we are seeing the BMS integrated with a wide range of monitoring programs across multiple platforms, providing building managers with a single, shared view of building operations.


Integrated systems generally include; power, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, access control, elevators and lighting; however, as the technology continues to develop, we will soon begin to see integrated fire and security systems.

Of course, due to their very nature, fire safety systems are subject to a whole host of legislative requirements, and currently, there is no formal guidance for integrating these types of systems. Fortunately, legislative bodies recognise that integrated systems are the way of the future and therefore BS 7273 Part 6 is currently being drafted to outline the code of practice for the interface between fire detection and alarm systems with ancillary systems and equipment.


In a further attempt to improve life safety, official bodies are also currently drafting CEN 169 WG3 in relation to wayfinding technology. This will provide guidance on how information from sources such as fire detectors and control emergency lighting signage can be used to direct building occupants down the quickest and safest possible emergency exit route.


So, why are we telling you this, I hear you ask?


Hochiki have recently launched FIREscape+ to the UK market; a combined fire detection and emergency lighting system with the added benefit of wayfinding technology. This system has been specifically designed with efficiency in mind. It allows you to install fire detection and emergency lighting devices onto one set of low voltage cabling, saving you money on installation and maintenance. Furthermore, all devices are self-testing and can be monitored via a single control panel, making maintenance much more efficient. LED luminaires and low voltage cabling also contribute to reduced carbon emissions and reduced energy bills. These are just some of the great benefits brought to you by FIREscape+; head over to our website to learn more.