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Q & A on FIREscape Nepto

For this blog we interviewed Robert Head, Commercial Project Manager at Hochiki Europe on his involvement in the launch of Hochiki's newest Emergency Lighting System, FIREscape.

Tell us why Hochiki Europe have decided to update their emergency lighting system with the launch of FIREscape Nepto?

We have updated and expanded the FIREscape Nepto range and this now means we can provide more versatile networking functionality which provides more options for our customers, plus it also offers increased scalability.

What are some of the key features that customers can benefit from with FIREscape Nepto?

There are a whole host of new features that Hochiki emergency lighting customers can now benefit from, with top of the list being that it is a cost-effective installation.

Many of our customers appreciate that Hochiki products are some of the simplest to install, and FIREscape Nepto is no different, it is efficient for the addressing of devices and extra low voltage cabling for a safer and user-friendly installation.

Luminaires can be added, moved or re-addressed to account for additions or changes to the installation with flexible radial wiring topography. FIREscape Nepto is also self-testing to provide early notification of a battery or device fault, ensuring compliance with, and exceeding the requirements of BS5266.

There is the ability to network up to 12 panels (up to 3048 addresses) using a standard RS485 connection. And it is a scalable system: from a basic inexpensive but compliant installation to a fully networked system with sitewide graphics and hierarchical cloud-based monitoring.

FIREscape Nepto offers a broad budget range for installations which are upgradable into the future.


What makes FIREscape Nepto so ground-breaking?

The luminaires are forwards and backwards compatible allowing existing systems to be enhanced and expanded. The latest cloud technology is incorporated to enable system access and monitoring from mobile devices, giving the customer ready access to real time data which improves life safety effectiveness.

With an additional gateway card, a FIREscape Nepto system will be able to be monitored and interrogated live and remotely through a simple web browser interface. Email notifications will then be sent to report faults and alerts and system reports can be accessed/downloaded. This feature will be available later in 2023.

Is this new system and its devices aesthetically pleasing as well as fully compliant?

Yes, the new FIREscape Nepto system incorporates round luminaires, which have a low-profile like our fire alarm sensors, and recessed mounted luminaires which are flush to the ceiling, whilst providing the required light output. All luminaires are supplied in white coloured housings to seamlessly integrate with many of today’s building interiors. LED light sources are tiny in comparison to the traditional types such as the ubiquitous 8-watt T5 bulkhead.

The panel is designed to be mounted in “back of house” locations. Small, neat keypads can be installed at convenient locations such as reception areas to give the customer instant access and feedback from the system. Alternatively, the optional PC based graphics can provide access from a central location such as the building managers office.

What does the full FIREscape Nepto range include?

This unique, cost effective and fully compliant emergency lighting system is based around an addressable, emergency lighting control panel and features addressable, self-contained LED luminaires and exit signs. The full range includes:

  • Standard surface mounted luminaires for both corridors and open areas
  • High-powered surface mounted luminaires for higher ceilings in both corridors and open areas
  • New recess mounted standard luminaires for both corridors and opens areas.
  • New recess mounted high-powered luminaires for both corridors and opens areas.
  • Four different directional illuminated Exit signs available in two different sizes.
  • New control panel supplied with 1 line as standard and the option to expand this to 2 lines, providing expansion capabilities.
  • Networking of up to 12 panels to accommodate lager sites.
  • Optional graphics package integration and IoT cloud integration

What are some of the environmental considerations that Hochiki have taken into consideration when designing the new FIREscape Nepto system? Is this a truly environmentally friendly emergency lighting system?

The system is certainly highly energy efficient, using only LED light sources which consume a fraction of the energy used by traditional sources. Luminaire lenses are precisely designed to achieve highly efficient light distributions reducing the total number required for full compliance. The charging technology also minimises the amount of power the system uses to maintain the correct level of battery duration. The new Nepto low power luminaires also have extended battery design life from 4 years in the existing range to 10 years (dependent on system usage), so there is far less environmental waste impact.


To learn more,

listen to our FIREscape Nepto launch webinar

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