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Addressing & Polling

How do I find out what the address of a device is?

You will need to fix the device to the TCH-B200 hand-held programmer and then press the left grey button. Status messages will display on screen. The address of the device will then be displayed. The default address is 127.

How do I program a new address into a device?

Fix the device to the TCH-B200 hand-held programmer and then press the left grey button. Status messages will display on screen.


The address of the device will then be displayed. Pressing the left button increases the address by 10. Pressing the right button increase the address by 1. Press the blue button to store the new address.

Can I address mini-modules and call points?

Yes, but you will need a PL3 lead (available to order).


Plug one end into the TCH-B200 and the other end into the call point or mini-module. You can then program as before.

How do I change the polling mode of a device?

There are 3 modes available; Polling (flashing LEDs), non-polling (no flashing LEDs), and standard (default).  To change the mode of a device you will need to use a TCH-B200 hand-held programmer.


Ensure there is not a device fixed to the TCH-B200. Press and hold the right grey button and the blue button together. Press and hold the left grey button until dots appear on screen. Release left grey button after a few seconds. A menu will appear. Release right grey button and blue button. Use the left grey button to change the mode. Use the blue button to store your selection.

How do I read a devices analogue value?

Fix the device to the TCH-B200 hand-held programmer. Switch it on using the left grey button. Wait for the address to be displayed. Press the blue button to display the analogue reading.


Over time a device may become contaminated; it is therefore important to check that the analogue value still falls within the normal operating range. The normal operating range is printed on the underside of the device.

FIREscape Range

Do FIREscape units come maintained or non-maintained?

The default setting for exit signs is maintained. The default setting for luminaires is non-maintained. However, these settings can be changed via the panel.

Do FIREscape lite units come maintained or non-maintained?

Again, the default setting for exit signs is maintained, and the default setting for luminaires is non-maintained. This cannot be changed.

Can FIREscape products be put onto a fire panel.

No. You will need to order the EL-2 Addressable Control Panel.


Can FIREwave products be used with a Hyfire system?

No. Even though the products look the same, the protocols are different and therefore they are not compatible.

How do I configure a CHQ-POM for FIREwave or a FIREbeam

The RSM-WTM needs to be given a recent reset or drop on reset so the fire panel can reset the wireless translator or FIREbeam; this is configured in the panel software under the output settings of the CHQ-POM.


The CHQ-POM when used for a FIREbeam or wireless translator also needs the current limit setting to 22 mA .

The Output for the CHQ-POM will also need to be inverted (Normally on) to power the unit.

Testing & Maintenance

How do I remove the device casing for cleaning?

A removal tool compatible with the ALN-EN, ATJ-EN and the ACC-EN is available.


Line up the arrow on the removal tool, with the arrow on the underside of the device, push it in and the device casing will release. To put the case back on, line up the arrow on the underside of the case with the line on the side of the device.

Can I use Solo to test an aspirating system?

No. You must use special dry smoke pellets, not a compressed aerosol.


Where can I find product specifications, installation instructions and product certificates?

All of this information is now available on the Hochiki store. Simply click ‘Visit Store' in the top right-hand corner of this page. Once you land on the Hochiki store, you can then search for the product you require using the search bar. There are a number of PDFs available to download on each product page.

Who can I contact for further technical support?

Our technical support team can be contacted by phone on +44 (0) 1634 260133 Option 2 or emailed at [email protected]

Who can purchase from Hochiki?

If you would like to order directly from Hochiki you will need to open an account. The process will involve a credit check and may take a few days. However, if your requirement is urgent (or a one-off requirement) we have a number of distributors who may have items in stock, or could place an order for you. To discuss opening an account with us or to find where your closest distributor is, please call us on +44 (0)1634 266 570.

Who can purchase from the Hochiki online store?

The Hochiki store is a brand new online purchasing facility which is available to all existing Hochiki UK customers.  If you wish to open on online account with us, please contact Zoe Parsons on (01634) 266560 or email.


If you are not an existing Hochiki customer, you will need to apply to open an account, before we can give you access to the Hochiki store. To discuss opening an account please call us on (01634) 266570.

Who can I contact regarding my order?

If you have any queries regarding your order please contact customer services on +44 (0) 1634 266 558

How do I return a product?

We acknowledge that there may be times when you need to return items. To learn more about our returns process please download our Returns Process Guide


As noted on the returns process document, it is imperative to obtain a returns tracking number before you return your item. Please also note that it is our policy not to accept stock cleansed, unwanted or unused products back for credit unless a prior agreement exists with your Regional Sales Manager.

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