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The UK’s First Low Voltage, Addressable, Intelligent, LED Emergency Lighting System

Hochiki Europe, world leaders in fire detection manufacturing introduces a brand new concept to the UK market - an innovative new Addressable Emergency Lighting system, FIREscape®.

FIREscape® is a unique, highly cost effective and environmentally friendly emergency lighting system based on LED technology and is the UK’s first to be fully intelligent.

FIREscape® is based around an addressable, emergency lighting control panel with battery back-up and features addressable, self contained luminaires and signage connected via screened, extra-low voltage (40V) cabling.

With lighting units fitting directly onto the standard Hochiki Europe sensor base (YBN-R/3), FIREscape® offers the installer a brand new and easy solution to the installation of emergency lighting and signage.


Reduced running costs, Helps to Lower Carbon Emissions, Self-Testing,


Reduced running costs

FIREscape® exit sign luminaire consumes less than 0.5W, including the power loss. A similar 8W fluorescent light exit sign luminaire will consume approximately 12W. When compared to 230V LED lights, FIREscape® products save more than 50% of energy.

Try our exit sign energy costs calculator to see how much you could save by switchin gto FIREscape      Use our simple exit sign energy costs calculator to compare traditional, mains-powered lighting with FIREscape and see how much you could save by switching:



Helps to Lower Carbon Emissions

The lower energy consumption directly correlates with lower CO2e emissions. For example, replacing 100 230V fluorescent exit luminaires with FIREscape® LED-based exit lights, CO2e emissions would be reduced by 2,100 KG annually.

The graph below shows a total cost of ownership comparison based on a 1000 luminaires, 80% nonmaintained 20% maintained, emergency lighting system for manual-test, self-test and Hochiki’s FIREscape® system, over a 10 year period.


Self Testing

The EL-2 control panel continuously monitors the status of the luminaire LEDs and stand-by batteries.  Information on completed tests is stored in the memory of the panel and test reports can be printed for end-user records. Malfunction/alarm information is displayed on the screen of the EL-KP keypad.

In this manner, the system has been awarded certification to  BS EN 62034 2012 TYPE PERC


Extra Low Voltage - saves on cabling costs

The FIREscape system utilises Extra Low Voltage (40V) between devices, and so installation doesn’t have to be carried out by qualified electrical engineers.  Cabling can be provided in 1.5mm screened data cable.  Both of these features save on installation time and costs.

And because FIREscape utilises the world renowned error-free ESP communications protocol, fire and lighting cabling can safely be run in the same containment saving even more money.


The FIREscape System:


EL-2 Addressable Control Panel 

The EL-2 emergency light control panel features two lines, each line can accommodate 127 exit signs, route lights or I/O units.

The EL-2 supplies the operational voltage to the light units during normal conditions, whilst also completing the continuous testing and monitoring of the equipment on the system. All monitored event information is saved in the memory of the control panel, and this can be accessed by a connected EL-KP key pad. 


EL-KP Lighting System Keypad

EL-KP is an emergency lighting control panel keypad for use with the EL-2 panel. The control panel is operated and interrogated through the compact backlit LCD graphical display of the keypad, which can show system status of the lighting units including battery charge and LED faults.

One EL-2 control panel can support a total of 8 EL-KP keypad units, with up to a max of 15 panels on one system.


EL-DL2 Corridor Down Light 

EL-DL2 is an LED-based, addressable corridor down light featuring one high-powered LED with a specially engineered dual surface free-form optic. The unit’s body contains the electronics and the stand-by battery and features a bicoloured status LED indicating charge/fault status (green for charging, red for fault).

The unit has been designed to easily fit onto Hochiki’s standard sensor base, the YBN-R/3.


EL-DL3 Open Space Down Light 

EL-DL3 is an LED-based, addressable open space down light featuring one high-powered LED with a specially engineered dual surface free-form optic. The unit’s body contains the electronics and the stand-by battery and features a bicoloured status LED indicating charge/fault status (green for charging, red for fault).

The unit has been designed to easily fit onto Hochiki’s standard sensor base, the YBN-R/3.


NFW89 High Power Open Space Down Light 

The NFW89/O Open Area luminaire is an addressable device using LED technology especially designed to provide a brighter output for larger open spaces, with high ceilings.

The luminaire can be ordered with a corridor lens NFW89/C or with an open area lens NFW89/O.


Exit Sign Lenses 

Our exit sign lenses are available in a standard design or an ISO7010 compliant design in a range of directions, to suit any environment.  The lenses simply click into place within the exit sign frames (see below).


Addressable Exit Signs 

Our LED-based, addressable exit signs are available for 20m viewing or 40m viewing and feature a flexible hinge solution which allows them to be ceiling or wall mounted. The exit light’s hinge cup contains the electronics and stand-by battery and allows the unit to attach to the standard Hochiki YBN-R/3 sensor mounting base.

The cup also features a bicoloured status LED indicating charge/fault status (green for charging, red for fault).


Special Applications

There are a range of accessories for the FIREscape system including input/output modules, step lights, weatherproof housings for external applications and recess fit adaptors for both the exit signs and the luminaires.

There are also high-power luminaires which can provide the required lux levels at a 9m ceiling height.



Learn More

We have a range of FIREscape literature which you can download for free, see the PDF icons below:



For those lighting professionals and system designers keen to learn more about the photometric performance of the FIREscape luminaires, please feel free to download our Lumdat files below.

RIGHT-CLICK each file and select "Save Target As" (IE) or "Save Link As" (Chrome):

  Lumdat file for Hochiki's FIREscape EL-DL2 Corridor LuminaireLumdat file for Hochiki's FIREscape EL-DL3 Open Area LuminaireLumdat file for Hochiki's FIREscape NFW89-C high power corridor luminaireLumdat file for Hochiki's FIREscape NFW89-O high power open area luminaire  

DIALux - The Basics

An overview of the DIALux software used by over 600,00 lighting engineers worldwide as a lighting design software.  Originally produced by the LIA, this is a simple how-to guide to the basics of the software and is FREE to download.

Download a free guide to DIALux



FIREscape Case Study


Hochiki Europe gets rave reviews at The Kenneth More Theatre

The Kenneth More Theatre opened at the end of 1974 hosts a variety of musicals, plays, concerts and pantomimes, and is a focal point of the local community.

Ensuring the safety of visitors is a top priority for the London Borough of Redbridge, which owns and maintains the building. The Kenneth More Theatre’s technical manager, Rob Mitchell-Gears, explains, ‘With 358 seats and additional wheelchair spaces, we need to ensure that we have systems in place that enable us to react appropriately in the event of a fire. In such circumstances a fast, effective and controlled evacuation is vital, which is why we rely on an emergency lighting system.’

Having been originally installed in the 1980s, The Kenneth More Theatre’s emergency lighting system was nearing the end of its life and Rob recognised that a new one was needed. After liaising with the London Borough of Redbridge, its long-standing life safety partner, Tann Synchronome, was asked to make its recommendations.

Having assessed what was required it didn’t take the company long to decide that Hochiki Europe’s FIREscape emergency lighting solution would tick all the boxes.

Read more on our news page.


The Kenneth MOre Theatre, London - protected by Hochiki's FIREscape Emergency Lighting System

Will Jones, Managing Director, Tann Synchronome


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For almost 100 years Hochiki has led the way in the design and manufacture of innovative life safety solutions. Its leading edge commercial and industrial fire detection and emergency lighting products have acquired global acceptance as the benchmark for high-integrity and long-term reliability.

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