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An Aspirating Smoke Detection Solution.

VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) is a very early warning aspirating smoke detection solution. With continuous air sampling, it provides the earliest possible warning of an impending fire hazard. VESDA aspirating smoke detectors buy the critical time needed to investigate an alarm and initiate an appropriate response to prevent injury, property damage or business disruption. 

VESDA detectors have multi-level warnings and a wide range of sensitivity that does not degrade or change over time, so even minute levels of smoke can be detected before a fire has time to escalate. In addition, VESDA systems are manufactured using targeted Six Sigma techniques, ISO 9000 standards and have been certified by regulatory bodies worldwide.


Understanding VESDA Technology


VESDA works by continuously drawing air into a distributed pipe network via a high-efficiency aspirator. The air sample then passes through a dual-stage filter. The first stage removes dust and dirt from the air sample before it enters the laser detection chamber. The second, ultra-fine stage provides an additional clean-air supply to keep the detector’s optical surfaces free from contamination, ensuring stable calibration and long detector life as well as minimizing nuisance alarms.

From the filter, the air sample goes through the detection chamber where it is exposed to a laser light source. When smoke is present, light is scattered within the detection chamber and is instantly identified by the highly sensitive receiver system. The signal is then processed and presented via a bar-graph display, alarm threshold indicators and/or graphic display. VESDA detectors are able to communicate ,this information to a fire alarm control panel, a software management system, or a building management system via ,relays or a High Level Interface (HLI) 


Suitable Applications

VESDA early warning detectors are available in a variety of models to accommodate a broad range of environments and applications. From small to very large, open spaces and from the cleanest to the dirtiest environments, VESDA multi-level detection provides reliable, high-sensitivity, very early warning smoke detection.


► Accomodation (Appartments, Hotels, Shops & Offices)
► Correctional Facilities
► Clean Rooms
► Cold Storage
► Cultural / Heritage
► Data & Telecom
► Hospitals & Healthcare
► Insurance
► Marine
► Nuclear facilities
► Oil & Gas
► Portable Switch Rooms
► Power Generation
► Records Storage
► Transportation
► Wind Power Generation
► Warehousing




Compactor Detector 

A relay only, compact detector, which provides 3 levels of alarm and adjustable sensitivity.



Zone 2 800m2

Specifically designed for the protection of hazardous applications with Zone 2 classification.



Small Area Detector

Designed to protect small, business-critical environment of less than 250m2.



Medium Area Detector

Designed to protect small, business-critical environments of less than 500m2



Large Area Detector

Designed to protect industrial applications up to 2000m2. The VLI detector combines a fail-safe intelligent filter with clean air zero and clean-air barrier for optics protection complimenting absolute detection chamber life all enclosed in a robust IP66-rated enclosure.



Smoke Detector

The VLP range, detects fire at the earliest possible stage and measures very low to extremely high concetrations of smoke. It has an alarm sensitivity range of 0.005% - 20% obs/m. The VLP-002 is a very early warning smoke detector with a standard display module.



Smoke Detector

A very early warning smoke detector with a standard display module and a centrally mounted LCD programmer module.



Smoke Detector

A very early warning smoke detector with Fire 1 Alarm and OK (FOK) LED's



LCD Programmer - 7 Relays

The VLS range is similar to the VLP range, but include a valve mechanism in the inlet manifold, and software to control the airflow from the four pipes. The VLS-204 has a head termination card with 7 relays, and a scanner display mdoule on the right.



LCD Programmer - 7 Relays

The same as a VLS-204, but has a head termination card with 7 relays, a centrally mounted LCD programmer module and a scanner display module.



LCD Programmer - 12 Relays

Similar to the VLS-204, but is the 12 relay version.



LCD Programmer - 12 Relays

Similar to the VLS-214, but is the 12 relay version.



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