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The Hochiki product range has several features that make installation quick and easy for the installer.

The Hochiki range features a common mounting base; making the installation process hassle free.
All of the wiring is to the base, enabling Hochiki’s installer-friendly devices to simply ‘twist-fit’                 into position
Our easy to use hand-held device programmer means that installers do not have to worry about fiddly addressing pips.
Hochiki’s ESP is an open protocol and is supported by a number of leading independent control panel manufacturers, giving specifiers, installers and end users open choice on system design, installation and maintenance, without compromising on security.





A smoke sensor’s performance will vary over time due to gradual contamination of the environment, leading to over-sensitivity and unwanted alarms. Hochiki’s ESP smoke sensors therefore automatically recalibrate every 24 hours to ensure optimum performance is maintained. However, Hochiki’s sensors are also designed with a removeable chamber allowing quick cleaning, re-assembly and recalibration should it be necessary.

Hochiki’s range of ESP products also include a combination of algorithms designed to verify data integrity and eliminate unwanted alarms or faults being generated by external noise. This means that installers can avoid having to make un-scheduled maintenance visits due to false alarms.

If maintained properly, Hochiki devices have an expected life span of 10 years. However, some Hochiki systems have been known to operate smoothly for in excess of 20 years.





Despite numerous environmental, climatic and cultural variations  in building types, reliability is always achievable with Hochiki.

As Hochiki approaches its 100 year anniversary, we remain dedicated to the improvement of life safety, and continually invest in Research and Development, testing, and manufacturing procedures, to produce the highest quality products.

Working closely with all major approval bodies across the world, Hochiki fire detection and emergency lighting products fully conform with all of the latest standards and regulations.   


Ultimately, Hochiki provide a high quality, cost-effective and hassle free solution, that puts both the installer’s and the end user’s mind at ease.

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