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Hochiki's BIM Offering

Hochiki's BIM Offering - A Guide to BIM and where to source our BIM Objects

Hochiki Europe - the UK’s First Fire Detection Manufacturer to offer BIM Objects via the NBS National BIM Library

Ahead of the Government’s 2016 Level 2 targets, leading fire safety system manufacturer, Hochiki Europe became the first company of its kind to provide Building Information Modelling (BIM) components for the UK’s National BIM Library.

To aid designers, architects and specifiers already working within the BIM framework, Hochiki has invested in the creation of a new range of BIM content based on a selection of its core fire detection and emergency lighting products.

BIM is designed to improve consistency and collaboration in design across the construction sector as well as improve efficiency, reduce wastage and cut costs across the whole lifetime of the building, from design to demolition. The modelling software allows architects, system designers and end-users to examine the location and qualities of all elements appearing in building designs.

This page and accompanying overview document (see below) are aimed at Hochiki customers, system designers, contractors or end users who may not have a detailed understanding of BIM, but wish to gain sufficient understanding of the subject as well as Hochiki’s BIM strategy to assess the possible impacts on their design, integration or construction businesses.


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BIM Has Three Key Functions:



Operating within a BIM framework provides consistent, conventional labelling or naming of documents and data which helps in tracking and finding data throughout the life of the asset.  This then ensures all those working on the project follow the same procedures.

A suitable process is described in BS 1192, which is already used for
numbering drawings on many projects and can form the basis of a system for use with BIM.


 Data Dissemination

A method for storing and manipulating information. On many projects
this involves the use of a three-dimensional representation of the buildings in software.

Essentially, a BIM is a shared representation and spatial database that records the location and attributes of every component.



A method for exchanging or issuing information about the building,
including its construction, operation, performance and maintenance.

Traditionally, this has involved exchanging drawings, schedules and manuals, in paper or electronic format and this may continue. The difference is that when BIM is used, the information will be generated from the BIM, rather than by preparing the documents separately.


Hochiki & BIM

The reason for publishing BIM content now is that the government has set a requirement that all central government building procurement contracts must use BIM from 2016.

With this deadline in mind, and the fact that Hochiki is already seeing demand in the industry, we have invested in the creation of a range of BIM content based on a selection of our core products for use by designers, architects and specifiers working within the BIM framework.


Our BIM Content Standards & Formats

Our product BIM content has been modelled to AIA Level of Detail 200 and include detailed specification including the COBie-UK 2012, Uniclass and NBS references requirements called for by the NBS BIM Object Standards.

They are supplied in the AutoDesk Revit family file format and the IFC file format (native export).


NBS National BIM Library - download our BIM Objects for free

3 Ways to Download Our BIM Objects


The NBS National BIM Library


Click the screen shot below to vist our page on the NBS National BIM Library to download all of our current BIM objects for free:


Download our BIM Objects FREE from the NBS National BIM Library - click here

Our BIM Download Page


Click the screen shot below to vist the BIM Download Page on our website:


Search for our BIM Objects on our dedicated BIM Downloads page

Our Product Pages


On applicable product pages on our web site, look for the red BIM tab, Revit files are available from the ‘Download’ button:


Each applicable product page now has a BIM tab - you can download the associated BIM Object direct from here.

Learn More

We have a BIM Overview brochure, portions of which make up the contents of this web page.  You can download this for free, using the icon to the right. 

Alternatively, use the enquiry form below to drop us a line with any BIM-related query you may have. 

Download our free BIM Overview PDF




Hochiki BIM Webinar

We conducted a BIM webinar, the slides of which you can view ( use arrows, left).

You can also view a recording of the entire webinar via our YouTube channel (below).

Watch our BIM webinar

For almost 100 years Hochiki has led the way in the design and manufacture of innovative life safety solutions. Its leading edge commercial and industrial fire detection and emergency lighting products have acquired global acceptance as the benchmark for high-integrity and long-term reliability.

With a global sales turnover exceeding £400m Hochiki is a wholly independent, multinational, publicly listed company with over 1,500 employees working across five manufacturing plants, 32 sales offices and 18 subsidiaries.

Its ongoing commitment to manufacturing innovation ensures customer satisfaction and its production facilities in Japan, the USA and Europe offer international continuity in quality, service and supply.

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